Brewrocket – die neue Generation des Bierbrauens
Brewrocket powered by Thrun – die nächste Generation des Brauens
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integration into your concept

The brewrocket uses a newly developed brewing process and impresses with its high-quality design. The system can be individually adapted to the design of your room and be configured according to your wishes. The fermentation unit can be set up separately from the system. Additional fermentation units allow for a simple, modular increase in the output quantity. 

The complete fully automated system, which comprises a brewing unit, a fermentation unit and a barrel-­filling unit, is available in various sizes. 


Before starting brewing, the weighed and ground malt must be poured into the mash container (picture 1 below) and the weighed hops loaded into the automatic hops station (up to 4 loads dispensed per brew) (picture 2). After that, the yeast starter must be prepared and poured into the fermentation container (picture 3). Like the hops, the amount and type of yeast are matched to the selected beer. Finally, the barrel dispenser tap heads must be removed from the cleaning station and attached to the barrels (picture 4).

brewing and fermenting – the procedure

The brewing process is started simply by tapping the desired type of beer on the tablet. The system will now run fully automatically for approx. 2 ½ weeks. The control system is set up in such a way that additional brewhouses with a corresponding number of fermentation tanks can run during this time. The fermentation process first goes through a phase of warm fermentation and then cold fermentation. Once the fermentation process is complete, the beer is filled into the barrels under pressure so that you only need to remove the tap heads from the barrels and mount them back onto the cleaning station. In between, the brewing system is emptied of spent grains with a few hand grips and cleaned automatically in various steps, including the fermentation tanks and all the pipelines at a later time.

optional function of the fermentation unit

The fermentation unit can be optionally equipped with the colour signal function. The phases of the fermentation process are then displayed in different colours. White is the signal for standard, no fermentation process or ready. Red means that warm fermentation is currently active. If the cold fermentation phase starts, the light turns blue. If the fermentation process is finished, this becomes visible with a green colour signal.

brewrocket brewing ingredients

High-quality raw materials are the basis for a quality product with an exquisite taste. Our ingredients are selected and tested by beer sommeliers, so we can guarantee you great-tasting results. Our fresh, high-quality varieties of brewing malt give your beer an effervescent character. Premium hops perfectly round off the taste of your beer. Up to 4 types of hops can be added fully automatically. To give your in-house beer an unmistakable taste, you’ll get a selection of brilliant bottom-fermenting and top-fermenting yeasts.

ingredients for 60 litres

  • Approx. 12 kg of malt (3 units at approx. 4 kg vacuum-packed)
  • Hops depending on the type of beer (vacuum-packed)
  • Yeast depending on the type of beer
  • 2 packs of cleaning agent for the brewing area (water-soluble packaging)
  • 1 pack of cleaning agent with disinfectant for the fermentation area (water-soluble packaging)

try brewrocket

Of course, the taste is the most important thing. You’re welcome to try the different types of beer in advance. The following types are currently available: Light beer, dark beer, wheat beer, pilsner and pale ale. You can also create your own type of beer. Our technical centre will be happy to assist you in the development of your own beer creation.