Brewrocket – die neue Generation des Bierbrauens
Brewrocket powered by Thrun – die nächste Generation des Brauens
  • brewrocket 60 litre
  • brewrocket 120 litre
  • brewrocket 60 litre rustico

brewrocket – the brewing system of the future

fully automatic brew your own beer

With brewrocket, the new generation of beer brewing awaits. Just like in the old days, select, high-quality raw materials are the foundation. Combined with brew­rocket’s innovative brewing technology, you can experience brewing tradition in a totally new way.

You’ll be surprised how simple the compact premium brewing system is to operate and how much fun you’ll have making your own beer. The fully automated brewing system with sophisticated technology made by Thrun will delight you. 

brewrocket – an innovation from thrun

Thrun Brautechnik is a subsidiary of Thrun Maschinen und Behälterbau GmbH, with 70 years of experience in the brewing, milk, food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. We have invested this know-how, coupled with innovation and the highest standards of quality, in our latest development – the brewrocket. 

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